Sunday, September 7, 2008

Week 2 Grades

Dead Guy's Tip of the Day: Avoid the stomach virus going around at all costs. I've been laid up since Thursday afternoon, so these are a day late. Hopefully not a dollar short though.

Vanderbilt: A
What can you say about the 'Dores? They were picked last in the East by nearly everybody and have opened the season with two nearly flawless performances. They beat South Carolina despite being outgained by 100 yards, though they did force 3 turnovers. Bobby Johnson may start to live up to his hype this year.

Georgia: A-
With a stretch of tough games coming up, UGA was much more in rhythm this week, blowing out a good MAC team.

Kentucky: A-
Two games in and no touchdowns allowed by the Big Blue. While the competition has been weak, it's still a marked improvement over the porous 'Cat D from last year. The offense was much better in Week 2 as well.

Auburn: B+
Much better passing game for the Tigers Saturday, throwing for nearly 250 yds. The defense basically turned USM one-dimensional, holding the Eagles to 37 yds on the ground.

Florida: B
Speaking of improved defense, the Gators again looked strong, holding the 'Canes to less than 150 yds of offense. They did struggle a bit running the ball though, only gaining 3.3 ypc.

Mississippi State: B
Much better effort all around form the Bulldogs this week. The offense managed 401 total yds and the defense held the Lions to less than 150. While it was against 1AA competition, it's still something to build on for future games.

Ole Miss: B
The Rebels were one play here or there from earning a huge win. The QB situation seems to be well in hand, but they're obviously still learning the "Wild Rebel" formation. Still, hard to fault the effort in a last second loss to ranked team on the road.

Alabama: C
Not an unexpected flat effort by the Tide. I'm sure it's hard to get up for Tulane after embarrassing Clemson in front of a national TV audience. The offense was horrible - 173 total yards - but the special teams and defense were dominant.

Arkansas: D+
A fantastic effort by the offense - 500+ yds - was nearly wasted as the Hogs again had to rally in the final minutes to beat an opponent they should handle with ease. Lots of kinks to work out in Fayetteville.

South Carolina: D+
Being handled by Vandy on Thursday night in front of the country was not the way Spurrier and USC imagined opening conference season. The QB situation in Columbia may be beyond repair


Anonymous said...

Love your site, thank you for such a good post

The Dead Guy said...

Thanks Jay. Appreciate the words.