Saturday, September 13, 2008

Random Thoughts before I go to bed...

* Auburn and Mississippi State just set football back 50 years. I mentioned earlier I love hard-hitting defensive battles, but the inept offenses were as bad as the defenses were good in this one. I gotta believe LSU is the team to beat in the West now.

* Another type of football game I enjoy is the kind where Ohio State gets pounded like the rented mules they are. Although it sucks for Florida or Georgia to have to play a legitimate opponent in the BCS title game, at least the game will be somewhat competitive. Those hacks in Columbus have nearly bored me to tears the last two seasons.

* If the Tide play like they did today and in Week 1, they'll beat the Hapless Hogs by 4 TDs. next week. They won't need phantom pass interference calls to do it either.

* Steve Spurrier and the Gamecocks are toast. Judging by his demeanor on the sidelines, the OBC has lost his passion for the game. While the D kept the game close today, the offense was sad again. 18 rushing yds? The Gamecocks are 0-2 in the SEC East and have a -4 TO margin in conference play.

* Vandy is 3-0. Again. Will this be the year they come through and go bowling? Next week's game in Oxford will be a big test. Looks like the Rebels were flat tonight, but after last week's heartbreaker, that's not surprising.

* Just saw how that UK/MTSU game ended... wow. A little karmic retribution for the Bluegrass Miracle a few years back. What a devastating loss that would have been for the Big Blue.

* Stumbled across this flow chart on "How to Argue College Football". Good stuff.

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