Monday, September 22, 2008

My Week 4 SEC Power Poll Ballot

1. Georgia – Still working out some issues with penalties and leaky kickoff coverage, but clearly the most complete team in the league so far this season.
2. LSU – Great win for the Bayou Bengals Saturday night. If Charles Scott keeps running like he is, he’ll challenge Moreno for SEC RB supremacy.
3. Florida – While the defense is markedly better than the 2007 version, there may be some concerns for the offense. The coaches in the SEC are the best in the country and they’re picking up on ways to slow the Gators down.
4. Alabama – Convincing victory made even more impressive when you factor in the number of freshmen and sophomores Saban is playing.
5. Auburn – On the plus side, the offense finally showed up. If they ever put a good game together on both sides of the ball, they’ll be tough to beat.
6. Vanderbilt – The comparisons to last year’s Mississippi State team are remarkable: mediocre offense coupled with an opportunistic defense and good special teams.
7. Kentucky – Their offense is just as impressive in their bye week as it is when they actually take the field.
8. South Carolina – unimpressive, but at least they won… more than the bottom 4 can say.
9. Ole Miss – The second of coming of Eli Manning is playing a lot more like a second coming of Brent Schaeffer.
10. Tennessee – Fulmer needs to get on the phone with Duke AD Kevin White about firing Cutcliffe. The Vols really aren’t the same without him.
11. Mississippi State – MSU’s offense has taken a major step backwards this year, which is tough considering how bad it was last year. You’ve got to think that Woody McCorvey’s days in Starkville are coming to an end.
12. Arkansas – Welcome to the SEC Mr. Petrino

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