Friday, September 12, 2008

SEC Power Poll Roundtable, Week 2

1. Pretend for a minute that Vanderbilt wasn't 2-0, then answer this question: What has been the most surprising thing in the SEC so far this season?

While I’m sure a lot of people are going to say Arkansas’s ineptitude, I can’t say that’s the most surprising thing. They were projected to be bad. Maybe not this bad, but bad.

To me, it’s how poor the QB play has been for the Gamecocks this year. While it’s obvious Spurrier’s best days are behind him, it’s still amazing to me that he can’t get a QB to just manage the game and not lose it for him. Through two games, USC QBs are completing a respectable 60% of their passes, but have thrown 6 interceptions to just 4 TDs. The Gamecocks have a strong defense, but unless someone steps up under center, it’ll be a disappointing year in Columbia.

2. Conference action has either just begun for most teams, or will Sept. 20. (The exception is Kentucky, which I believe plays I-AA teams until mid-November.) From what you've seen so far, how will your team fare in your division? If it's not going to win, which team will?

Even with its offensive ups and downs so far this year, I still think Auburn wins the West. We’ll know much more next weekend after LSU visits the Plains, but there’s few better gameday coaches than Tuberville and I suspect the AU Tigers will be sharp in that game They just need to avoid a letdown Saturday against MSU.

As for the East, I’ll stick with my original pick of the Gators. UGA took over my #1 spot in the SEC Power Poll, but I’ll stick with my guns and the Gators until proven otherwise.

3. Which SEC player that few of us are paying attention to is poised to have a breakout season? Try to choose someone not on your team.

Almost by default, it seems you could choose nearly any pass receiver on Arkansas’ team. After years of being in a run-first offense, they’re now immersed fully in the pass-happy Petrino offense. TE DJ Williams is the obvious choice so far, already doubling his reception total from last year (10/5) and catching his first two career TDs.

4. Both Arkansas and LSU have had games delayed because of hurricanes. If you could choose a game on your team's current schedule to get postponed because of inclement weather, which game would you choose and why?


5. So, the Large Haldron Collider hasn't destroyed the Earth -- so far, anyway. But had the world ended Wednesday morning, which SEC game would you have most regretted missing? Assuming, of course, you had been around to regret it. (Head...hurts...)

If the LSU/Alabama game were in Baton Rouge last year, it would be the no-brainer. This year, some of the hatred has dissipated as the Tigers are the defending BCS champs. The Cocktail Party is probably the default answer here as it’s most like a de facto SEC East Championship game. For me, I like hard-hitting defensive battles, so I’ll take next week’s LSU/Auburn game. These two teams always play classic battles and there’s always a lot on the line as they’re the two marquee programs in the SEC West and have been for several years.

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