Friday, February 22, 2008

Weekend Games (2/23)

Some mildly entertaining conference games tomorrow are overshadowed by the #2Tennessee@#1Memphis game late tomorrow night. I'll have thoughts on that below...

Arkansas @ Kentucky
These two were the power teams in conference in the early to mid-90s and have waged some epic battles through the years. Both are in 2nd in their respective divisions and could use this win to improve their standings and their postseason prospects. The 'Cats though have their backs farther up against the wall. I see Patrick Patterson having a big game here and UK taking the victory.

Georgia @ Vanderbilt
The 'Dawgs seem to play everyone close, then lose it late. I'll surprised if they play this one close. Vandy is typically lights out in Memorial Gym and there's no reason to think they won't be tomorrow.

Ole Miss @ LSU
After a couple of close losses and a resounding win in Florida, LSU fell on rough times in Fayetteville Wednesday night. Ole Miss pulled the opposite, snapping a streak of bad games with one of their best efforts of the season. With any hopes of dancing at the end of the year held together by a thin thread, I think the Rebels find a way to get it done tomorrow in Baton Rouge.

Mississippi State @ South Carolina
This game features possibly the league's best two guards in MSU's Jamont Gordon and USC's Devan Downey. It should be very entertaining to watch those two duel. While MSU is the better team overall, my Spidey-sense is telling me that South Carolina wins this one. Not sure why or how, but just a feeling I get.

Alabama @ Auburn

Not sure how Auburn wins the games they do, but I know how Alabama loses. They can't hit FTs and don't take care of the ball. That's a recipe for disaster on the road, particularly in a rivalry game. AU wins.

As for the Memphis/Tennessee game, if you're a member of decent society - and not a Memphis graduate - there's little to no reason to pull for the Tigers in this one. The Tigers won't be put off by the Vols' bright orange uniforms, as many of the Tigers have worn orange prison jumpsuits in the past several months. While Tennessee football team is racking up charge after charge, John Calipari's band of misfits won't be sold short. In the past 18 months, they've solicited prostitutes, incited riots, hit women, and been subdued with chemical elements. Somehow, the city of Memphis has still embraced this team. I wonder how they would feel if they weren't #1 in the country.

That said, the Tigers are a talented team and have the longest home winning streak in the country. It will be a great test for the Vols, particularly on the inside, which may - or may not - be UT's weakness. At least they know they'll be safe once the game starts, as the Memphis players typically only hit girls.

I see the Vols pulling the mild upset here. Pearl>>>>>>Calipari when it comes to Xs and Os. I think they'll junk up the defense enough that the Tigers inability to hit 3s is exposed. The trio of Smiths and the 3s of Lofton will be too much for the Tigers to handle.

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