Thursday, February 7, 2008

Midweek Box Scores, Links, and a Youtubitude

Bama continues to shoot themselves in the foot in close games from the foul line, this time hitting just 52.9% of their shots from the stripe.

Great win by Kentucky, which played with out Meeks and Bradley. Amazing that the game was so close when you consider that UK shot 66.7% from the floor, 60 on 3s, and outrebounded AU by 7.AU forced 24 ‘Cat turnovers though, including 14 steals.

Here’s a good article about this young Florida team that is obviously still trying to find itself on the road in conference. UT blew this game open late on the strength of 44.8% 3s and a ridiculous 27/9 Assist/TO ratio. Meanwhile, UF turned it over 24 times.

Nothing really of note in the Vandy/UGA game. More of note would ANOTHER UGA player running afoul of the law. By the end of this season, UGA may be having open tryouts in the Rec center just to play a full roster…


Hat tip to EDSBS

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