Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Um... yeah... okay

So much for improved basketball by Kentucky. THAT was just an ass whoopin'. No other way to describe it. UK's worst SEC loss ever and worst overall loss since 1989. 11 points and 12 turnovers at half time? Wow. Maybe Vandy can play defense. What a way to open up a 4-game homestand that will - for all intents and purposes - determine their placement in the East.

Looking at the numbers, not hard to see where UK got beat... it's everywhere. VU averaged nearly twice as many points per possession (1.3 to .7), forced UK into turnovers on nearly 1/4 of their possessions (23.8%) and rode the strength of a 20/6 assist/turnover ratio to a ridiculous 131.0 efficiency rating.

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