Thursday, February 14, 2008

Manning gets his own commercial

No, not that Manning... The other one.

Prior to the last NFL season, the Giants were expected to enjoy a tall glass of FAIL juice all season long. With shiny-toothed asshat Tiki Barber retiring and immediately slamming former teammates and coaches, the Giants stumbled to an 0-2 start. After that though, The Giants didn't lose away from home the rest of the season, including 3 road playoff games and the Super Bowl.

Now Tiki is at home bleaching his teeth and trying to take partial credit for the Giants' win, while Eli Manning and his teammates are wearing their Super Bowl rings and starring in Gatorade commercials. Maybe T.O. and Tiki can get some popcorn and watch it together. If it's on in Mexico, maybe Tony "Mr. Clutch" Romo and Jessica "Plastic" Simpson can see it as well.

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