Saturday, November 24, 2007

Unemployment Line

Already, there have been 3 high-profile jobs open up this week with Lloyd Carr stepping down from Michigan, Dennis Franchione resigning from Texas A&M, and Bill Callahan being relieved of his Nebraska coaching duties after giving 60+ points yet again. Both the Michigan and A&M jobs have SEC West coaches as the leading candidates to replace the departed with Miles and Tuberville respectively.

For Miles, I can see the decision to leave making sense, particularly in the light of another silly loss yesterday. "Two-Loss" Les played at Michigan and has done less with more than any other coach in the conference this season and his magic 8-ball let him down yesterday. The Tiger fan base is becoming more and more divided on his credentials and any number of top coaches would jump at the opportunity to not only coach in the SEC, but also at a school with the tradition, resources, recruiting hotbed that LSU has.

For Tuberville though, I'm trying to figure out why he would leave Auburn for Texas A&M? Have you been to College Station? How could that move be anything but lateral at best? He not only survived "Petrino-gate" a few years back but he has thrived since and would seem to have the administration wrapped around his fingers. I can't imagine that the A&M job - where you'll always be the 2nd or 3rd school in the state - is more appealing than coaching in a great college town like Auburn and owning your arch rival.

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