Friday, November 30, 2007

Nebraska hires Pelini

In a move that should come to a surprise to no one, Nebraska has hired LSU Defensive Coordinator Bo Pelini as their new head coach. This, for all intents and purposes, leavesthe Tigers with no head coach and no defensive coordinator heading into their bowl game, as current head coach Les Miles is set to meet with Michigan next week.

It's unfair to the LSU players that, while they're pouring their heart and soul into the games each week, the coaches are not giving the same effort. I understand it's a business and there's nothing really to do about it, but it's an unfortunate situation that follows many successful programs.

As for Auburn head man Tommy Tuberville, he's yet to issue a "pine box" promise, at least for now, and denies interest in the Arkansas head coaching job. Why he would want to leave Auburn to go the on-going soap opera that is Fayetteville is beyond me. I know he's from the Natural State, but the fan base just ran off a coach that has won 3 Division titles in 10 years, including 2 trips to Atlanta.

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arkwhaler said...

The Fayetteville drama is overblown. Nutt created most, if not all of his controversy, and he was treated more than fairly in the end. To return and unify a whole state behind one football program might be attractive to tt. He is well respected by ark. hs coaches, and should lockup in-state recruits. With a few choice oos'ers the Hogs could be very dangerous in the SEC West. And the rumoured 10 year, 37 mill. contract doesn't sound bad either.