Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bowl Projections: Week 12

Putting these out a couple of days earlier than normal, since bowl talk seems to be the hot topic these days.

Most notable in this whole equation is, of the 3 pundits listed so far, none has South Carolina reaching a bowl with an SEC tie in. They're predicted to end up in the Texas Bowl or Armed Forces Bowls, only because the PAC-10 and Conference WhoAreThey USA won't have enough bowl eligible members. This is a Gamecock team that was #6 in the country at one point and some people... ahem... actually thought they'd win the East. Now they're relegated to the leftover scraps of bowl games.

*UPDATE (11/14)*: I added in the Fox Sports predictions, though I'm now confused. Last week, Fox Sports had Georgia slated for a Sugar Bowl appearance. This week, despite the 'Dawgs smacking around one of the hottest teams in the country in Auburn, UGA is demoted (in their eyes) to a Cotton Bowl appearance. Not winning the East is the best thing possible for the 'Dawgs' bowl chances. As well as they've played lately, they're a lock for the Sugar Bowl unless they lose. They close with Kentucky and Georgia Tech, 2 teams they should handle, which would leave them 10-2 and a Top 10 team. As long as LSU beats Ole Miss, Arkansas, and Tennessee, no way UGA heads west to Dallas.

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