Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bowl Predictions: Week 11

There's really starting to be some balance, at least across the top, as ESPN, CBS, and Fox are all projecting LSU in the BCS Championship game and Georgia in the Sugar Bowl. If Auburn knocks off the 'Dawgs this weekend though, all that will be thrown out the window. Bubble teams like Mississippi State are hoping that the SEC manages to get two teams into BCS bowls, thus opening up another bowl spot in the regular bowl rotation.

My biggest problem with these projections is Ivan Maisel putting Mississippi State in the Independence Bowl and leaving South Carolina at home for the holidays. South Carolina will finish with a better overall record - 7-5 to 6-6 - and, more importantly, will have a head-to-head victory this season. That may all change by Saturday night though as there are five conference games this weekend.


Anonymous said...

So you think Mississippi State will lose to U. Miss and go 6-6?

Dead Guy said...

No, MSU should finish 7-5 now. I think Arkansas pulls the win out this weekend in Little Rock as they'll be in desperation mode. My 6-6 thought on MSU was them losing to Alabama, which they didn't.

No way MSU loses to Ole Miss this season.