Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Final Scoring Differential Numbers

With the regular season over, just like Florida HC Urban Meyer predicted preseason, the Gators offense was much better this season, improving scoring wise by a league-leading 31%. The Gator defense on the other hand... not so much. As a whole, the league was up significantly from last season (23.59%) despite 3 teams - Vandy, South Carolina, and Auburn - all scoring less than they did last season.

That it was those 3 teams who actually took a step back in scoring is a mystery to me. All 3 returned their starting QBs from last season, and for both the Gamecocks and Tigers, that was in the form of a 5th year senior. For the Commodores, this was supposed to be their year to turn the corner and get bowl-eligible, but their only win of note - at South Carolina on October 20th - hardly looks like an upset anymore as it marked the beginning of the Gamecock's current 6-game losing streak.

BOLD (or maybe not so much) prediction for next year... Ole Miss increases by the largest percentage, Kentucky and Arkansas decrease by the largest percentage. Not really going out on a limb those, but I wanted to be on record as the first to say it.

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