Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tony Franklin Fired

Tony Franklin has been relieved of his duties in Auburn. So apparently Tuberville really does just want to line up in the Power I and just smash some people.

If Franklin was going to be axed during the season, this was the obvious choice of weeks to do it. There's this weekend's showdown with "Backstabbin' Bobby" and then an off weekend next week, giving the Tigers 2 full weeks to prepare for their next legitimate competition, a Thursday night showdown at West Virginia. Seems like Tommy wants to make a statement to Petrino, basically saying he can fire his OC a few days ahead of the game and still win.


blackink said...

I'm normally opposed to midseason changes like this - what can it really help unless things are totally dysfunctional?

I mean, even before Tony Franklin came to Auburn, the Tigers were pretty piss-poor on O. It would certainly help if they brought in a decent QB.

Anonymous said...

How quickly did Tubbs really think the spread would pick up? Everyone outside the system realized it was going to take a couple years to get the athletes to run the offense. Is it ignorance or arrogance?

me said...

Both of these are valid points. I'm not sure how he thought transitioning from a pro-style offense to a spread attack was going to work, particularly when the offensive personnel he had struggled to put points on the board last year.

It's hard to question Tuberville based on his track record at both Ole Miss and Auburn, but this is certainly not how he envisioned this going down. I'm sure he'll hire a more traditional OC, but he'll be a year behind in recruiting.

Adam said...

Not sure Things will get much better. Now they'll need more time to adjust to the changes, and there is no time in mid season for that.