Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Morning Randomness

- What is going on at Auburn, seriously? Much like the Vanderbilt game, the offense started out strongly, pounding the ball right at WVU. In the 2nd quarter, they jumped up by 2 TDs and recovered a surprise onside kick… and then it seemed they ran every play out of the shotgun. Why didn’t they just continue to take the ball right at WVU’s DL?

- Part of me believe that Tuberville has earned the right to have a down year after the 10 year run he’s had at Auburn. But there’s another part that’s gaining some serious momentum that says he realizes it may be time to move on. You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

- I’ve taken heat from Arkansas fans on this site over some of the things I’ve said about Petrino. I can only image the emails Greg Doyle is getting after this piece. FTA:

Run it up, Houston Nutt. That's what I'm saying. That's what would be appropriate. That's what the lunatic fringe in Arkansas deserves. Run it up so badly that Arkansas fans in attendance leave in the third quarter because they can't stand the sight of your fist in the air. Run it up so badly that Arkansas fans elsewhere turn off the television and the radio and even the computer, because not even the cowardly company of the meanest message board will get them through this beatdown.
- My guess is that Nutt will be happy to get out with a 1-point win. The Rebels can’t seem to stay out of their own way this year having already dropped 4 close games this year, most of which can be traced back to careless turnovers.

- I hope the rumblings surrounding Eric Berry playing offense this weekend are true. The Vols need a playmaker on the offensive side of the ball and Berry’s proven he’s a star time and again on interception returns. He not only leads the country in picks, he also averages 35 yds per return. Here's another cool Eric Berry story.

- Senator Blutarsky at Get the Picture offers his final thoughts on today's uber-matchup between LSU and Georgia.

- Corso is feeling particularly frisky this morning. He just declared that "USC kicked the crap out of Ohio State" and he's wondering "what the hell is going on".

- Guns n' Roses actually set a release date for the long-talked-about Chinese Democracy album and released the title track. It doesn’t suck nearly as much as you thought it would…


blackink said...

Tell you what, man: I was all ready to give myself over to the greatness of the SEC but I guess this isn't the year for that.

I think the Auburn and Vandy losses were especially telling. The SEC doesn't have the depth that it's claimed in previous years: Alabama, Georgia and Florida are the elite teams. LSU is a tick behind them. Everyone else is sorta blah.

As for Tuberville, you're absolutely right: he's earned himself a bad year. I really, really hate to state the obvious but colleges overreact all the time and firing Tubes would be a classic example.

Auburn is not a garden spot, you know? It's not LA or Austin or even Baton Rouge. Under Tuberville, the Tigers are usually competitive and compete for a national title every now and again. It's easy to see them slipping into mediocrity or worse with the wrong coach, sort of like West Virginia or Texas A&M. Auburn fans should learn to appreciate what they got.

me said...

We talked about this in the SEC Power Poll Roundtable
a couple of weeks back. No the SEC is not as deep this year as it was last year, but I'll take the top 3 you mentioned over any 3 from any other conference in the country. It will be interesting to see how this sorts itself out once bowl season rolls around.

As for Tuberville, he's got nearly as many headscratching losses as he does big wins, but he's earned a bad year. He's smacked 'Bama around for 6 straight years, and while that's likely to come to an end this season, I don't know how that can be overlooked.

blackink said...

So, you'd take Florida, Georgia and Alabama over Texas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech and, I suppose, Oklahoma State?

I'm guessing you probably would but, you know, those are four of the top nine teams in the country.

me said...

So, you'd take Florida, Georgia and Alabama over Texas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech and, I suppose, Oklahoma State?

I would, yes, and again, yes, I realize the B12 is even more top heavy than the SEC is. Assuming we're talking bowl scenarios, hence a neutral field, I'd like the SEC to take 2/3 of those.

It's certainly all hypothetical now, but all 7 teams you mention have a lot of work to do before the end of the season. This will certainly make for an interesting running dialogue from here until December 6th.