Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Week 6 SEC Power Poll Ballot

Week 6 has come and gone and the Tide still sit atop the standings. This weekend's Kentucky/South Carolina game will really help sort those two out.

1. Alabama – The Tide hold on to the top spot despite a subpar performance this past weekend. Got the job done, but much closer than it should’ve been.
2. LSU – We’ll know a lot more about the Bayou Bengals this weekend after a tussle with Florida. For now though, no reason to not rank the defending national champs #2 in conference.
3. Georgia – World’s largest hobnail boot expected to be sighted between the hedges in Athens at this weekend’s game against Tennessee.
4. Florida – A week off to lick their wounds and try to get a consistent offense going. Something seems amiss among the Gators.
5. Vanderbilt – Call me a cynic, but I’m still not convinced the ‘Dores are that great. You can’t argue with 5-0, 3-0 in conference though.
6. Kentucky – Good effort for the last 3 quarters in the Cats’ first real game since August. Like Vanderbilt, not sure where to rank them. Saturday’s game against SC will help.
7. South Carolina – Not sure where that QB play came from, but the #5 spot is theirs the taking if it continues. Offensive line did a great job nullifying the OM pass rush.
8. Ole Miss – Note to Rebels: Turnovers kill. Ole Miss could be 5-1 or even 6-0 if not for consistently shooting themselves in the collective foot.
9. Auburn – I know Tuberville says he’s not panicking, but his players and staff aren’t figuring anything out. Auburn is just ugly on offense.
10. Tennessee – Think Cutcliffe is missed? A 4-point win over a bad MAC team has given Vols fans new hope for the season because the new QB threw for 156 yds.
11. Mississippi State – The defense enjoyed their off weekend. The offense has taken every weekend off since August 30.
12. Arkansas – Last week, the defense scored a TD. This time, it was the offense. If they could ever put it together for one game, they’d only lose by 20.

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