Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday night ramblings

Now, it could just be the 60 Minute IPA talking, but:

* Tommy Bowden's probably on right now. He's all but toast. ***UPDATE 10/13/08: I told you so. Maybe he should have taken the Arkansas job. He'd at least have an excuse for why his team sucked this year.***

* Was this the dawning of the Stephen Garcia era in Columbia? No way the Gamecocks win that game today if they have to rely on Smelley for 60 minutes. Brings up (even more) real questions about the Ole Miss secondary Smelley shredded last weekend.

* As for Kentucky, the 4-0 ride was fun while it lasted. They'll beat Arkansas next weekend, but that 6th win will be tough to come by. If they get down and have to throw the ball to win, they're not much of a threat.

* Nice win for Croom and MSU today. He and Nutt always seems to be good for knocking off a ranked team each season.

* 107 total yards. That's all Vanderbilt could muster against a MSU defense that came in ranked 9th in conference, allowing 332 ypg. Mississippi State followed the right blueprint for beating the 'Dores: Hang on to the ball, do the little things right, and make VU move the ball to beat you.

* I'm sure Tuberville would rather have lost 99-0 in in the Iron Bowl than have lost to Bobby Petrino and Arkansas today. Things are about to get ugly on the Plains.

* Can you really even count this as a signature win for Petrino? Yes it was over a ranked team on the road, but that'd be like counting UCLA's season-opening victory over #18 Tennessee as a signature win. Just because you're ranked doesn't mean you don't suck.

* Georgia righted itself today but I still can't say I'm blown away watching them. Their receivers drop too many easy balls.

* Eric Berry is awesome.

* The lead on the AP recap of the UT/UGA game on UT's official says:

Georgia is back on track for another SEC title chase, and it's not too early to rule Tennessee out of the race.
The Vols showed some signs of life with Stephens under center, but no doubt about it: They're no longer relevant this season

* Did Tracy Wolfson really just Urban Meyer if he was feeling light-headed? What a random question.

* Florida looks scary good tonight.

* Speaking of "scary", not a good week for The Dead Guy in ESPN's College Pick 'em


twd3lr said...

Dude, seriously, whatever it is you have against Bobby Petrino, get over it. Give credit where credit is due--sure, Auburn's offense is terrible, but no way did anyone think Arkansas was going to shred that defense for 400+ yards and make its first big plays (30 yards+) on offense all year.

If not for the same mistakes that Arkansas made the past three weeks (3 turnovers and bad special teams), this game wouldn't have even been close.

me said...

I'm not a Petrino fan and that's hardly a secret for anyone who has been on this site, but what in this rambling post was derogatory towards Petrino? I wrote that Tuberville really didn't want to lose this one and I wondered if this counts as a signature win because Auburn sucks.

Not sure which one of those ruffled your feathers, but it must have been one of those two.