Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Shocking: ESPN dedicates Cyberspace to tOSU

I am shocked - shocked I say - to see that ESPN dedicated a page to boasting about how strong the Buckeyes will be this season. After being outclassed across the board for 2 straight seasons, the talking heads at ESPN are standing by their Buckeyes.

Now, instead of making up stories about SEC coaches changing jobs, Homer Herbstreit can make excuses as to why his Suckeyes have been embarrassed for 2 straight seasons. Sure they've got basically their entire team from last season back, but that team was slow and systematically exposed by a clearly superior LSU team. James Katzenmoyer Laurinaitis is an absolute joke. There's a perfectly good reason he came back for his senior season - he was exposed for the mediocre player he is against the Tigers and Gators in the two bowl losses. LSU ran their entire offense directly at Laurinaitis and moved the ball at will.

Look, I understand it's impressive to go 23-3 over two seasons no matter what conference you're in. But if tOSU finishes with only 1 loss, you'd be hard-pressed to convince anyone who doesn't live in Columbus or work for ESPN that the Buckeyes are more deserving than a 1-loss Georgia, Florida, LSU, USC, Oklahoma, or Texas team. But, like Dook basketball, tOSU has their own personal spokesman on ESPN. Homer Herbie is the ultimate Buckeye Sunshine Pumper who will work diligently all season to convince otherwise intelligent people that this Buckeye team deserves a chance to be humiliated on a national stage, just like their 2 predecessors were.

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