Thursday, April 10, 2008

Excellent read on ESPN bias

There's a great piece on the Sporting News website that delves into the bias of ESPN, particularly that of no-talent ass clown Kirk "Homer" Herbstriet and his perennial tOSU love fest.

It's basically a summary of what every SEC fan knows anyway.. the Buckeyes had no business being on the field with either LSU or Florida the last 2 seasons. They were outclassed at every position. They were slow and lumbering and abused by SEC Speed. Guys like Chris Wells are fast, but that's just one. the SEC depth charts go 2-3 deep with that sort of speed.

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Brad said...

Great stuff. I live in the heart of Big-11 country (east of Madison) and have to put up with Big-11 fans claiming that they can play with anyone in the nation. I personally root for the SEC or Pac-10 rolling our teams year in and year out.

Keep up the good work, should be another spectacular year in the SEC. I hope Ohio State makes the BCS title game and gets hammered again.