Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Random Links for a Tuesday

* When Title IX was passed several years ago, it led to the emergence of more sanctioned women's sports. Things like rifle and field hockey give the university's sports information employees something to do in their spare time from football, basketball, and baseball. But Title IX has nothing to do with this: Ice Hockey is becoming prevalent in the SEC.

Fortunately Kentucky, Auburn, and Ole Miss have remained hockey-less. ESPN finally stopped wasting air time on hockey a few years back, but they still show the highlights in a desperate attempt to convince people south of the Mason-Dixon line that hockey is relevant. It's not. Sure it's fun to knock back a couple of cold ones at a minor league game and hope for a fight, but seriously... Ice hockey? in the SEC? No thanks. Just because it's prevalent, doesn't mean it's relevant.

* ESPN continues their hate affair with new Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino. In a mockery of mock drafts, Gregg Easterbrook suggests the Falcons use their pick on:

3. Atlanta Falcons: Eliot Spitzer, former governor, New York. Falcons owner Arthur Blank explains: "Compared to Bobby Petrino, this guy is a class act."

* The AJC has a good read up with questions SEC teams need to answer before football starts up

* Owch... And can someone tell me why the announcer thinks the ball bounced in the dirt?

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