Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tuberville out at Auburn

That's what The Birmingham News and the Auburn Beat are reporting.

Unless there's been another Petrino-gate type episode - maybe Leach-gate or Petersen-Gate this year - and they've got a big name guy lined up and ready to announce, I can't say I agree with the firing. Auburn's struggles this year were exacerbated by Alabama's success no doubt, but that hardly seems reason to abandon ship.

I said when Fulmer was fired (and I stole it from The Dark Knight): You either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain.


Floridan said...

Has there ever been a season in the SEC in which two long-time coaches with (or approaching) the winning percentages of Fulmer (75%) and Tuberville (68%)have been fired?

The Dead Guy said...

I would venture a guess that there has not been. Saban walking into Alabama and turning a 6-7 team into a 12-0 and #1 team has set a ridiculous, basically unmatchable precedent that is apparently clouding the judgment of some ADs.