Sunday, November 16, 2008

'Dores, Rebs Going Bowling

Doormats no more.

Congratulations to Vandy and Ole Miss for locking up bowl bids yesterday. It's been a while for both schools, well a LONG while for VU. The 'Dores knocked off a tough UK team in Lexington last night while the Rebs throttled a hapless UL-Monroe team. I doubted whether or not Bobby Johnson could get VU over the hump after their recent skid, but they had a great gameplan last night and ran it well.

Just a bad all around weekend for UK fans as the feeling of deja vu in Rupp must have been rampant as the 'Cats fell to VMI to open the season.

No congratulations will be offered though to Fat Charlie and his pathetic Irish for wrapping up bowl eligibility. With the soft schedule the Irish play nearly every year, they should be bowl eligible. Here's to knocking back a few cold ones while Florida State beats the Irish by 4 TDs in the Gator Bowl.


PhilipVU94 said...

Thanks for the congrats to our program. As you said, it's been a long time coming.

Now we have a fun race among the 6- win teams to improve bowl standing. I'm definitely pulling for your guys to bring a much deserved case of whoop-ass to Phil Fulmer Day at Neyland Stadium.

pawnking said...

The great fear for the Irish is that Weis will peroform just well enough this season to not get fired. Then they'll get another year of a "greatest recruiting class ever" and high expectations, only to be dashed to the ground again next year.

The Dead Guy said...

To me, it's good news and bad news the Irish clinched a bowl.

Obviously, they'll go to a much stronger bowl than they actually deserve simply because they're NOTRE DAME, so that's certainly not fair to more deserving teams.

The flip side is that the rest of the country gets to watch a "storied program" embarrass itself on the field yet again. I always like to watch the Irish and see if I can find the aforementioned Decided Schematic Advantage that the Irish possess over every one of their opponents

The Dead Guy said...

Hey Philip - The 'Dores deserved it. I doubted them all year, but they got it done against a tougher schedule than some other bowl teams.

Based on your comment, you assume I'm a Kentucky fan... Why is that? I've never said on this site who I root for, but have been told it's nearly every team in conference based on comments and snark I've written in the past. I believe this is the first Kentucky association I've had.