Friday, July 25, 2008

SEC Brawlers

Two former All-SEC performers have been at the center of brawls recently, though to varying degrees. Former Tennessee All-American Candace Parker was one of the key contributers to the big WNBA brawl - think about that phrase for a moment... - that happened earlier this week. The melee resulted in 10 suspensions and a torn ACL. It also resulted in an all-time high number of times the WNBA was talked about in a single week. The high-ups can say what they want to about being disappointed, shocked, ashamed, etc., but deep down they're loving the extra publicity.

Most of you have probably seen the below minor league basebrawl from yesterday. What you may not realize is that it all started when former Ole Miss All American SS Zach Cozart was beaned in the head. Here's a professional video of it. More significant then Cozart being beaned is the asshat pitcher who tries to throw a ball at someone in the opposing dugout and misses. He hit a fan instead who was taken to the hospital.

If you haven't seen the below raw footage of the fight yet, be warned there's some NSFW language.

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