Friday, May 2, 2008

Some random links for a Friday

* So we don't need a plus-one BCS game, but we do need two more crappy bowls to reward 6-6 teams for their mediocrity? Okay, thanks.

* Ryan Perrilloux has finally been kicked off of the LSU football team. Over the past few years, his antics have been well publicized, starting with his delusions of grandeur in his recruiting process. While the Tigers will certainly miss his talent next season, I can't imagine there's many sad to see him go.

* I just watched a replay of the Top 10 Dunkers in College Basketball history. I may be biased towards the SEC, but you'd be hard pressed to convince me that the 10 guys on that list were as consistently spectacular as Chris Porter was for Auburn back in the late 90s. Sure Jerome Lane and Darvin Hamm both broke backboards, but that's more sheer strength than anything. No dunk I've seen really even rivals this one:

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