Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A few more random links and thoughts

* Bruce Feldman, who remains one of the few ESPN employees worth reading/listening to, had this to say - among other things - about LSU's dismissal of asshat Ryan Perrilloux.

The move might cost LSU this year's SEC championship. Redshirt freshman Jarrett Lee and junior Andrew Hatch, the Harvard transfer, are Miles' two most viable options at quarterback. The Tigers, with Perrilloux, were the favorites to win the SEC West. Without him, and with less experience and less playmaking ability behind center, you have to believe that Auburn now becomes the favorite. LSU probably will lose at least one more game because of the move, but the program should be better for it down the road.
There's no doubt that kicking that numbskull off the team was the right move, though it should've been done much earlier. It'll definitely benefit both Miles and the LSU program in the long run. It certainly will make the SEC West much more interesting this year. LSU will be breaking in a new defensive coordinator, QB, and replacing Glenn Dorsey and other defensive studs. Auburn will be adjusting to a new offense though. Talent-wise, LSU is still ahead of Auburn, and it's not even close. Auburn's major advantage in the race to ATL is the schedule. They host LSU and avoid Florida, while LSU treks to the Swamp this year.

* Blabbering idiot Lou Holth fighth back streamth of thlobber as he reminithes about Thouth Bend, his playerth, and his run for thenator. I just hope he does a magic trick in his induction speech.

* So the Great Barstoolio had some free time on his hands and converted anti-meth ads into... well... just see for yourself. Some of these are just wrong on so many levels

* Came across this gem this morning. It's the Top 50 Commercial Parodies of all time per Nerve.com. Classics such as Bass-O-Matic, Mom Jeans, Bad Idea Jeans, Samuel Jackson Beer, Robot Insurance, the Love Toilet, and my personal favorite:

Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Ball

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