Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Tubby Smith Sighting

It was good to see Tubby Smith back in an SEC building last night - once ESPN switched to the Arkansas/Ole Miss game. I always liked Tubby, who remains one of the classiest guys in business. He won a title his first year in Lexington - albeit with Pitino's players - and would've won another one had Keith Bogans not twisted his ankle against Wisconsin in 2003.

He always won, just not enough for the Big Blue Nation. While the 'Cats have been playing well of late, it's hard to imagine that Tubby would've have lost to some of the teams UK has lost to this year, mainly the home losses to Gardner-Webb and San Diego.

I hope he does well in Minnesota, a basketball program that hasn't always been a bastion of class through its history. There's the Clem Haskins era in recent memory and some crumudgeon Buckeye fans still talk about this... (and yes, that's MLB HOFer Dave Winfield in the background punching people in the face)

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