Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Somewhere Doyle Jackson is smiling

Most SEC fans became familiar with Doyle Jackson after he used his magic powers to rule that a catch by an Ole Miss receiver was, in fact, not a catch at the end of the Rebels' game vs Alabama. The catch would've put the Rebels 1st and Goal from the 1 with just seconds remaining in the game. The call was questionable at best. Conspiracy theorists have other ideas.

Those ideas will only be stoked by the latest developments from the SEC offices in Birmingham. At the end of the Ole Miss/Alabama basketball game - in Oxford, nonetheless - a furious comeback by the Tide came up 3 points short after the clock stopped with 2.5 seconds left for no reason. The Tide was attempting to foul Rebel center Dwayne Curtis after a missed 3. The officials huddled for several minutes, reviewed the monitor, and declared the game to be over.

Now, those officials are under review by the league office, possibly facing penalties. Chances are, it wouldn't have mattered. Ole Miss shot 82% from the line for the day, including Curtis's 6/8. Mark Gottfried certainly took umbrage though and apparently the league is listening.

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