Monday, January 21, 2008

New Basketball Rankings (Jan. 21) + Links

SSDD. Another week has come and gone and the same 3 SEC teams are ranked. There is a difference in the ARV column as Arkansas is no longer receiving votes after losing 2 games against the worst 2 teams in the SEC East. Mississippi State, once just an underachieving afterthought, has ridden the strength of a 4-0 in conference to pick up a handful of votes. While it's unlikely they're ranked before season's end, they are playing to their potential now.

With the rash of upsets over the weekend, the Memphis Tigers are the new #1 team in the country. They're a mid-major school who scheduled a bunch of big games at home, took advantage of a young UConn team early, fell bass-ackwards into an OT win against USC, and will now feast on the D3-equivalent schools that make up C-USA. What a joke.

* Interesting read on the semi-decline of the SEC this year in basketball
* A look at the NCAA tourney hope of the SEC teams
* Little man Terry Bowden took time off from campaigning for coaching jobs to throw together some alpha-numeric characters and spaces to form this mumbo-jumbo of a column
* And how dare you or anyone call yourself a fan of your team until you show this kind of lunacy dedication...

* While Eddie Murphy will most likely win a Razzie or two for Norbit, kudos to his soothsaying abilities...


Jim said...

Buster Brown gets at least one thing wrong when he says

"Georgia's Mark Richt took a 15-yard penalty – and a lot of flack from the old-guard SEC – by letting his entire team leave the bench to celebrate a touchdown on their way to a huge victory over Auburn."

No, Terry, the celebration you're thinking of followed Georgia's first touchdown against Florida. The black jerseys came out against Auburn. As someone who used to coach the Tigers, I'd think you might pay a DAMN BIT MORE ATTENTION.

Dead Guy said...

He may not have been able to see the game very well if the TV was up too high...

Terry Bowden is unequivocally an idiot. There's no way he ever lands another D1 head coaching job, so he should stop campaigning.