Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A look at the New Year's Day Bowls

As usual, life got in the way of blogging last night, so no in-depth preview of the 4 SEC Bowl games today. Here's a brief look at each...

Outback: Tennessee vs Wisconsin
Even without leading receiver Lucas Taylor, QB Erik Ainge should have enough weapons to exploit a Big10 defense. The speed of the SEC was very evident yesterday in Kentucky and Auburn's wins over ACC teams. It'll be more obvious against the Big10.

Dead Guy sees:
Tennessee 27
Wisconsin 17

Cotton: Arkansas vs Missouri
This is the only bowl game remaining that I originally picked the SEC to lose. The Hogs are without their coach (which may not be a bad thing considering his bowl record) and without a QB, but that's how they've played - and won - all year. Mizzou may be somewhat disappointed to not be in a BCS game, but they'll still have enough to get by the Hogs in what should be a high-scoring affair.

Dead Guy sees:
Missouri 35
Arkansas 33

Capital One: Florida vs Michigan
This will basically amount to home game for the Gators as they send Michigan coach Lloyd Carr off into the sunset. The Wolverines have done well historically against the SEC, but have not done well against the spread offense this year (see: State, Appalachian). Last I checked, Florida runs the spread fairly decently. While talent wise, the Gators look much better on paper, the Wolverines will play over their heads for their departing coach. It won't be enough though.

Dead Guy sees:
Florida 34
Michigan 28

Sugar: Georgia vs Hawaii
The Dawgs have been the SEC's best bowl team over the last decade, going 8-2 in 10 games. They'll have their hands full as they take on an explosive Hawai'i team led by Heisman finalist QB Colt Brennan. While the Rainbow Warriors will score a bunch of points, they will be woefully unprepared for aforementioned SEC speed. RB Moreno will have a huge game, and the Bulldogs will use this game as a springboard for a legitimate run at a national title in 2009.

Dead Guy sees:
Georgia 45
Hawai'i 31

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