Friday, December 28, 2007

Newsflash: Paterno is old

I'm don't know much about Joe Paterno. I know he's been at Penn State since 1784, he and Bobby Bowden have won more games than any other D1 coach in history, and he's coached PSU to yet another bowl game this year. I know that a faction of the PSU fan base wonder if it may be time for him to retire. I also know that he doesn't care what those people think and he's going to hang around as long as he wants.

What I don't know is why some chodemonkey cheerleader Yell Leader for Texas A&M would attempt to run smack on the man saying they needed a casket for Paterno because he's "on his death bed". The man is as spry an octogenarian as you'll find. There are drivers on the Penn State campus who could have warned aTm about that...

But seriously, who does Texas A&M think they are? They've won exactly 1 bowl game in the last 10 years and just 3 since 1990. Only one of those wins is against a BCS conference opponent. Penn State has won 9 over that same period. They're at best the third best football school in their own state and their little-man syndrome is blatantly obvious in their fight song, in which they mention "Texas University".

They just hired a fired NFL coach to man the helm of their program since, you know... that worked out so well for Nebraska. They were in the market for a new coach, as their previous one was selling inside information in a newsletter to those alumni willing to shell out the cash. The same asshat that never finished higher than third in his division, let alone the conference. The same clown who - when hired at TAMU - informed his players at Alabama via teleconference, ranking him in the same category as current SEC West villains Nick Saban and Bobby Petrino.

But have your little fun now Aggies. aTm officials have apologized for the remarks, but it's not going to appease a lot of Nittany Lion faithful. Do you think really think it's a good idea to get Penn State fans riled up? The death bed man is coming for you tomorrow night, and it won't be pretty.

**UPDATE 12/31**
Scottstradamus on Fox Sports sums up Texas A&M pretty well in his rant...

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