Saturday, December 8, 2007

More random randomness

* I'm not sure how long this site has been around, but is an incredibly comprehensive site for any college basketball fan. Whether you want to see stats for an individual player, team, conference, or nationwide, it's all there. Just a quick glance shows me that Ole Miss is 2nd in the country in scoring, Tennessee is 2nd in the country in steals, and LSU is 4th in the country in blocks.

* From what I'm hearing, there's no truth to the rumor that Alabama is going to withdraw from the Independence Bowl because they can't get past Monroe.

* I think another factor working against Colt Brennan tonight regarding his Heisman campaign are the numbers put up by the backup QB while Brennan was out for all of the Charleston Southern game and only attempted 2 passes against Nevada. In those 2 games combined, Graunke threw for 533 yds and 5 TDs.

* How much longer until Michigan ponies up and goes and gets Brian Kelly from Cincinnati to be their new head coach? He should have been their first choice from day one.

* The Big East/SEC Invitational format needs some tweaking. Why only 4 teams from each conference? And how did they choose those 4 teams? Auburn has been a huge disappointment this season and Alabama has missed Ronald Steele from the season's opening tip. South Carolina was picked to finish at or near the bottom the conference. And what about LSU? They had Villanova beaten and then choked that game away. That was painful to watch.

* Speaking of painful to watch, what's wrong with Kentucky this season? They lost at home to Gardner-Webb by 18 and a 10-point home win over Stony Brook. I'm pretty sure Tubby Smith never lost to a school like G-W and always handled the like of Stony Brook by more than 10 points. Their impending beatdown by IU today will only make matters worse for the 'Cats.

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Thanks for the feedback about! The site has only been available for a couple of months now. I'm interested in any and all feedback. (You might be interested in the Chartlet feature.)