Friday, October 26, 2007

Jason Whitlock calls out Tuberville

I've mentioned my respect for columnist Jason Whitlock before in an earlier post. He doesn't pull any punches with any player, organization, or team. He pretty much calls it like it is.

Here's an excerpt from his latest column on Fox Sports regarding Auburn's Chaz Ramsey's chop block on LSU's Glenn Dorsey. I'm on record as saying I thought the league should and would suspend Ramsey for the chop block on Dorsey, but apparently they're not going to. Whitlock brings the blame a little closer to home, calling out Auburn HC Tommy Tuberville for not delegating discipline of his own.

Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville is an absolute coward and fraud for not suspending the freshman lineman who chop-blocked LSU's Glenn Dorsey in the back of the knees.

I've watched the highlight over and over and what transpired is completely unjustifiable. Tuberville claims all the linemen were supposed to cut block. You don't cut block a defensive linemen moving toward you on the back of his knees.

Not only was the block illegal, but it was as immoral as LSU coach Les Miles claimed. Plus, it's damaging to college football. Dorsey returned to LSU for his senior season. He could've turned pro after last season. Now every NFL agent is going to show every third-year defensive lineman the tape of the block that could've cost Dorsey millions of dollars.

The NCAA needs to step in here and suspend the freshman guard. No one is saying the kid is a bad kid. But the sport needs to send a strong message that those type plays will not be tolerated, even accidentally.

I seriously doubt that Ramsey had any intention of actually hurting Dorsey when he chop blocked him. I know that Tuberville and his staff didn't plan for that to happen. But it did. Ramsey wasn't blocked or pushed into Dorsey. He turned, saw Dorsey engaged with another lineman, and dove at his knees.

That sort of chop block was made illegal because of the severe damage it can do to the defender. The league or - as Whitlock points out, Tuberville - needs to step in and make sure Ramsey has learned his lesson. Anything less is sending the wrong message.

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