Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tommy West's "apology"

A little off topic, but still SEC-related...

I'm not sure University of Memphis HC Tommy West gets it. He has apologized for using strong language in defense of his team before Saturday's game against Ole Miss, but looking at his choice of words, it's obvious he feels he did no wrong dropping multiple F-bombs in front of young children.

When you go to a game, it's pretty much assumed you'll catch some foul language from college students who may have over-imbibed. You don't expect to hear it from a head coach, before the game, directed at opposing fans. And his rationale of "(if) I’m walking my team into our tunnel and there’s a crowd of the opponents’ fans harassing our team, then I am going to defend my football team" is a joke. Do his offensive linemen really need protection from a fratboy yelling "Tigers Suck!"? Are his linebackers really cowering at the taunts of Ole Miss alumni? If they are, West has other issues besides a lack of a distinguished vocabulary.

West is a good coach and has won more at Memphis than any other coach there, but acts like this and his infamous outburst in Starkville a few years back make it easy to see why he's still at a CUSA school.

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