Saturday, September 15, 2007

Poll Results

59 people voted in the poll asking about the two biggest conference games today - Tennessee @ Florida and Arkansas @ Alabama. Florida and Arkansas were landslide winners in the poll, with the Gators getting 85% of the vote and the Hogs taking in 69% themselves. Both should be great games today and have major impacts on the final standings.

On a side note, it really is a shame that Michigan is going to pick up its first victory of the season today. After listening to Lloyd Carr (and other pundits) assert that the Wolverines should have played for a national title last year, despite not even winning their own conference, I'm really enjoying the squirming in Ann Arbor.

The only silver lining to the whole thing is that Fat Charlie and Notre Dame will drop to 0-3, and still be 6 weeks away from their first victory. With a rotund belly trumped only by the size of his ego, the $30-$40M man Notre Dame bet the farm on has no significant victories in his 2+ years at the helm in South Bend, unless you count a 5-loss Michigan team two seasons ago. The offensive "genius" has masterminded 2 games in which they have yet to score an offensive touchdown. They really have become Stanford with a TV contract.

Meanwhile, out west, Tyrone Willingham is smiling...

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