Tuesday, January 6, 2009

'Cause it's 1... 2... 3 strikes you're out...

Can we have some sort of moratorium imposed on Ohio State when it comes to BCS Bowls? For 3 straight years, we've had to suffer through the Buckeyes slogging through one of the biggest games of the season, and for 3 straight years, we've watched them fail. And while I typically enjoy watching the Sweater Vest lose big game after big game, it's actually starting to get a little tiresome.

While some will argue that it's impressive the Buckeyes have made 3 straight BCS games, I propose that it's an indictment of the (lack of) quality of football in the Big10. As you watched that game last night, did you honestly say to yourself, "Wow, I'm watching one of the best football teams in America right now"? Or did you think "How bad is the Big10 that this team won 10 games?

The Big 10 went a pathetic 1-5 in bowl games this year. Their lone win was Iowa's thumping of South Carolina, a reeling team that hasn't beaten a team with a winning record since early October. The 6 losses included blowouts and heartbreakers, but all 6 ended up losses. I recognize that Big10 has some history and tradition, particularly when it comes to being a sacrificial lamb for the Pac10 in the Rose Bowl, but right now, that's all it has. It's a subpar conference that's won just 1 BCS game in the last 5 years.


gamecock man said...

I don't know. The Big 10 is definitely not one of the better conferences (what are they in bowls? 1-5 now?), but the Buckeyes did look reasonably impressive in a loss against a team that is arguably as good as the two teams in the BCS Title Game. At any rate, you can bet your bottom dollar that they'll be ranked in the pre-season top five against if Wells returns.

The Dead Guy said...

At any rate, you can bet your bottom dollar that they'll be ranked in the pre-season top five against if Wells returns.

And that's where the problem lies. Sure they're one of the best programs in the Big10, but that and a quarter will get you a gumball at the grocery store.

This is 3 straight years that they've proven they don't belong among the nation's elite, and that's what BCS games should be reserved for.

hockeytown said...

here in the big ten, we are required to do more than third-grade math - this isn't calculus, but i think even sec southern boys can figger this out:

sec powerhouse alabama (12-2) 17
"superpower utah" 31

big ten bottom dwellers
(3-9) michigan 24
utah 26

go ahead and run your mouth, the math speaks for itself - all the bowl system shows is that home-field advantage is huge in college football - penn state travels 2000 miles and usc plays a home game - if you think the score would have been the same in happy valley ... you just don't know much about football - stop playing home bowl games and come on up north - they do it in the nfl - be sure to bring your long undies, gloves, hats, bench warmers and, oh yeah, hankies

"don't belong in the nation's elite" ... just a fan comment, with little knowledge of the game

hockeytown said...

more math:

oregon state at happy valley 14
penn state 45

oregon state at home
two weeks later 27
i think one of the "nations
elite",usc 21

blah, blah, blah, you can mouth it to death - saying the big ten isn't an elite conference is just a stupid statement - the numbers don't support you

hockeytown said...

here's "strike three" to your big ten argument ... wait for it;

south carolina, iowa

how could a weak conference, like the big ten, put a mega-ass-kickin' on a big bad sec squad

you know your ball, no doubt

The Dead Guy said...

blah, blah, blah, you can mouth it to death - saying the big ten isn't an elite conference is just a stupid statement - the numbers don't support you

Geez Hockeytown, you've really put some thought into this. Maybe I should reconsider. All elite conferences go 1-5 in bowl games, right? And 4-10 over a 2-year span, right? All elite conferences win 1 BCS bowl game every 5 years, right?

There's no way you can say the Big10 is an elite conference right now. The SEC, Big12, PAC10, and MWC are all stronger than the Big10. Being (arguably) the 5th conference is not elite.

And seriously, are you boasting about beating South Carolina in a bowl game? That team has been in a freefall for months now. If the Hawkeyes hadn't beaten the Gamecocks, that would've been the story.

hockeytown said...

like i said, not much in the way of quantitative analysis from a southern boy - i guess the debate about academic elite conferences wouldn't be one the sec would engage in
if, looked at in a void, the only stat one used to evaluate conferences was the last three year bowl records ... your case would be made
looking at all factors (like opponents, venues, historical records), it's childish to contend the 10 is not one of the top four conferences - the pac, sw, 10 and sec - they rotate in talent each year (didn't michigan kill florida a couple of years ago) - i believe there is a great possibility of oaklahoma putting a big number on florida - i hope this, with the ass-kickin' utah (my god, utah ... that beat awful michigan by just 2)put on bama will shut you sec zealots up for the winter .... probably not

hockeytown said...

ps. the cocks beat four big,bad sec teams this year and were then smoked by the fifth-place team in the 10 - your arguments are just lame

pss. one of the teams the cocks beat, beat the best team in the sec - that puts miss, sc and fsu in about the same category - i guess that's "elite" ... who then got buried by little iowa from a minor conference