Monday, August 18, 2008

Random Randomness

* CBS may have accidentally leaked their 2008 SEC schedule. Being the defending BCS champs sure has its advantages... (big h/t to Saturday in the South)

*Dennis Dodd new 25 Things features a lot of SEC tidbits

* Fox Sports looks at the 10 Rising College Football coaches and - not surprisingly - former Auburn DC Will Muschamp is listed at #3. What is a little surprising is that his next "Logical Step" is the head coach at Tennessee. While he's most likely an up and coming star, I have two issues with that: a) Fulmer is not going anywhere anytime too soon and b) when he does, UT is not going to hire an unproven assistant. Nebraska did last year with Pellini, but the Tennessee program is much better off than Nebraska right now. They'd have the clout and bank roll to bring on a proven winner.

As an aside, for my money, give me their #6: Cincinnati's Brian Kelly

* Randy Hill thinks the Big 12 is stronger than the SEC. Call when someone out there starts playing defense

* CNNSI ranks the top 10 players in the SEC. I for one am shocked at their choice for #1

*Forbes magazine ranks Nick Saban the most powerful coach in all of sports

* Got 32 years to kill and an understanding significant other? Go see all 119 D1A teams play like this guy did

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