Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Could the SEC have 10 Bowl Teams in 2008-09?

ESPN's Mark Schlabach believes that 10 SEC teams will be bowling at the end of the 2008 season. He predicts:

*Georgia vs Ohio State in the National Title Game
(Oh goody, tOSU vs the SEC in a bowl game... How exciting!)
*Auburn vs Texas Tech in the Sugar Bowl
(Would be interesting to see the contrast of styles)
*Ole Miss vs Houston in the Liberty Bowl
(OM from 0-8 in conference to a respectable bowl?)
*LSU vs Texas in the Cotton Bowl
(I'm sure Cotton Bowl officials are praying for this matchup)
*Florida vs Illinois in the Capital One Bowl
(Gee, I wonder what the appeal of this matchup is)
*Tennessee vs Penn State in the Outback Bowl
(Don't these two play every year somewhere in Florida?)
*Alabama vs Virginia Tech in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl
(Word is they'll move the Chick-Fil-A Bowl to Shreveport to make the transition easier on the Tide players)
*South Carolina vs Miami in the Music City Bowl
(Not the bowl game Gamecock fans have in mind for this year)
*Kentucky vs Rutgers in the Bowl
(I'll be surprised if UK is in any bowl game this year)
*Mississippi State vs Oklahoma State in the Independence Bowl
(See above notes)


Anonymous said...

Only reason they will have so many "bowl eligible" teams is because the majority of the SEC team's non-conference schedules are a joke!

LSU plays App St., Troy, N. Texas and Tulane

Auburn plays La. Monroe, S. Miss, and Tenn. Martin

Arkansas plays W. Illinois, La. Monroe and Tulsa

and on, and on and on...

Only respectable schedules are FL, Georgia, S.Carolina and maybe Tenn.

Pathetic, but the Bowls love it!

me said...

Right. That's why the SEC teams always perform so poorly in bowls, right?

My guess is that you're a tOSU fan or maybe just a Big10+1 fan who stumbled across here via Google and had some canned rhetoric to spew. Thank you for your valuable input.